dictation for kids

dictation for kids

Dictation is important for kids as it helps parents and teachers assess how well children are doing. Dictation helps master language arts skills such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. I have created this resource for teachers to practice writing -ck and double consonant words and sentences with children.


ck or k spelling rule anchor chart for kindergarten and first grade

To understand the -ck rule, please check this post. It is an important spelling rule that explains why certain words end with -ck and not k.


ff ll ss zz spelling rule explained

To understand the double consonant rule, please check this post. It is an important spelling rule that explains why certain words end with a double consonant. E.g. sell, miss, huff, fizz, etc.


dictation words for ck, ff, ll, ss, zz words

In the above worksheet, ck words and double consonant words along with sight words are given so teachers do not have to spend time preparing for dictation.

Sometimes, I use the blackboard to make kids write words. This activity is most fun when I have the children write on the blackboard with a chalk. They really enjoy it and look forward to it.


Practicing dictation helps me understand how the children are progressing though it also has multiple positives for kids. Dictation enhances listening skills. The kids will be focused on what you are saying so that will enhance concentration. They will sit still and listen to what you have to say.


-ck word sentences for dictation for kindergarten

The next worksheet has sentences for -ck words. As an English teacher, these dictation packs have been a very useful tool for me. I have -ck words worksheets Pack which can be practiced in class as well as at home. Do try it.


ff ll ss sentences for dictation for kids

The next worksheet is a double consonant sentence list. Before attempting this pack, try the double consonant worksheets.

These worksheets will help understand this confusing floss rule or double consonant rule. There are two worksheets for writing dictation. One is for writing words and the other is for writing words as well as sentences.


dictation for kids worksheets to practice words and kindergarten

I hope you find these worksheets useful.