Adjectives Pack 2

Adjectives Pack 2

Adjectives are words used to describe nouns or pronouns.


anchor chart for adjectives or describing words

describing words- anchor chart


You can read about describing words in detail and also download the anchor chart above by going to this post on my blog.

Before attempting this pack, I suggest you try Pack 1 of Adjectives by clicking here. It is an ideal pack when describing words that have just been introduced.


Let me discuss a few worksheets from this pack with you in brief.


adjectives and antonyms worksheet for first grade and second grade


The above worksheet is about describing words and antonyms.

wet – dry

noisy- quiet

hard- soft

See the picture and add the describing words from the word box to complete the sentence.


Adjectives or describing words worksheet for second grade


I always encourage children to think about new words to describe something. I ask children to avoid certain adjectives that have become meaningless due to being overly used. Example: nice, very, many, good, etc.

a good movie

Here, good can be replaced with a more interesting word.

an exciting movie

Doesn’t the latter sound better?


adjectives story worksheet for second grade


The above worksheet is about a simple story that can be described better and more vividly by adding adjectives from the box. Read the story and then add the adjectives to complete it.


synonyms and adjectives worksheet for first grade and second grade

This worksheet is about synonyms and adjectives. Synonyms are words with similar meanings. There are sentences where the adjective to be replaced with another word having the same meaning has been underlined. Pick the right word from the box to replace it.


complete the sentences using adjectives worksheet for second grade

The next worksheet has sentences that are missing its describing words. Use the words from the word back to make the sentences more interesting and descriptive. This worksheet will help your child understand how to describe a noun better.



adjectives or describing words are jumbled up. Write them to complete the sentence.

In the next worksheet, you will find sentences where the describing word is missing. The describing word is in brackets in a jumbled up form. Children will read the sentence and then try to unscramble the word so that it makes sense and describes the noun. If the children are finding it challenging, you can always help by telling them the starting letter of the describing word. This activity will help children become better at spelling words in general.


nouns and describing words match worksheet for first grade and second grade



nouns and adjectives match worksheet for first grade and second grade



The above two adjectives worksheets have both adjectives and nouns. Read the noun and match it with the correct adjective. I also encourage the children to form sentences from the matched words and write them down in the notebook.

The pumpkin is large.

The jam is sweet.

The cabbage is leafy.

The cow is spotted.

The lemon is sour.

The nail is sharp.

The zebra is striped.

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