describing pictures for kids Pack 3

describing pictures for kids Pack 3

Pictures play an important role in a child’s development. Text or stories supported with pictures help children analyze and understand better. Pictures add to the story. Writing is important so children can express their thoughts comfortably. This describing pictures pack is a step that comes before kids jump into picture composition. In this set, the kids have to write only two or three sentences based on what they see in the picture. This activity will help them form meaningful sentences and enhance their vocabulary. It will also help them in recognizing the different parts of speech.

Gradually, children can start writing paragraphs and short stories.

Before starting to describe a picture, ask your child to observe the picture, and find out the following.
1. The characters in the picture.
2. Who seems to be the main character?
3. Where is the character or what is the background like?
4. What is the main character doing?
5. How does the main character look? (Happy, sad, bored, excited, etc.)

These questions will help your child observe the picture better and write about it.



describe the pictures worksheets for first grade

There are 4 pictures on each worksheet. Cut along the dotted lines to use.

In the first picture, there is a deck of cards and two people are playing cards. Are they friends? Siblings?

We are in a lockdown. My brother and I are playing cards at home.

My grandmother has come to visit us. We went shopping for toys. It was fun.

My friends and I love music. We have a rock band. I play the xylophone.

Mom loves gardening. She waters the plants every day.

I have tried to describe the above pictures in 2-3 sentences. There is no right or wrong way to describe a picture. It depends on your interpretation of the picture.


describing pictures worksheets for first grade

These worksheets work great as a classroom resource and can be used at home as well.

Our main aim, however, is to help the child form meaningful sentences using correct punctuation. As of now, we shall focus on beginning the sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period.


picture description worksheets for first grade

Discuss the pictures with the kids before they begin writing. I usually write helpful hints on the board.

Example: For the worksheet, I will write a few words on the board like pottery, clay, sewing, quilt, storytime, hand puppets, board game, roll the dice, etc. It helps minimize spelling mistakes and also gives a direction to the kids. I love how it enhances their vocabulary.


describe picture worksheets for first grade


I have more ‘describe the picture’ worksheets for classroom use. Do try them.



can you tell what in happening in the picture

If you are looking for something more challenging to improve your child’s sentence structure, so try these sentence construction worksheets with examples. They are ideal for Grade two and above.



describe the picture worksheets for first grade

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