Describe the picture! Pack I

Describe the picture! Pack I

Pictures play an important role in a child’s development. Pictures wake a keen sense of observation in kids which helps them analyze better and write better. Pictures enhance the story and emotions. Writing is important not only for written communication skills but they help improve oral communication too. With the help of writing, children can express their thoughts comfortably.

With this set, I would like for kids as young as five years to try their hands at writing. ‘Describe the picture’ is a step that comes before picture composition. In this set, the child has to write only two sentences based on what they see in the picture. This activity will help them form meaningful sentences and enhance their vocabulary. It will also help them in recognizing the different parts of speech.

Gradually, children can start writing paragraphs and short stories.

Before starting to describe a picture, ask your child to observe the picture, and find out the following.
1. The characters in the picture.
2. Who seems to be the main character?
3. Where is the character or what is the background like?
4. What is the main character doing?
5. How does the main character look? (Happy, sad, bored, excited etc.)

These questions will help your child observe the picture better and write about it.


picture comprehension worksheet for kindergarten and grade1

describe the picture


With every worksheet, I have provided a few words in the word bank that will aid the child in the writing process.

In the first picture, we see four kids smiling. They are happy. Maybe you are one of those kids or maybe they are looking at you and smiling. It is up to the child to interpret it and write two simple lines.

A simple description- Tom, Rick, Nina, and Simi are my friends. They are happy to see me.

In the second picture, two men are moving furniture. Who are they? Dad and Uncle? What are they doing? They are moving the couch.

Description- My uncle is here. He is helping Dad move the couch.

OR The blue couch has bugs. My dad and uncle are keeping it outside.

OR That is a couch. My dad and uncle are moving it.

OR That is a blue couch. Two men are moving it.

In the third picture, there is a little girl. She is making her bed.

Description- Kim is my sister. She is folding the blanket(or She is making her bed.)

There is no wrong or right when it comes to describing a picture. It is about how you interpret it and how creatively and vividly you can describe it.

Our main aim, however, is to help the child form meaningful sentences using correct punctuation. As of now, we shall focus on beginning the sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period.


picture comprehension worksheet for kindergarten and grade1

describe the picture


Rather than suggesting the child something first, hear what he/she has to say about the picture and then try to build on it if required.

In the first picture, a child is serving a beverage to an old man. I always encourage children to try and become a part of the picture. That brings the maximum involvement.

A possible description: My grandfather is home. I am serving him tea.

OR He is our grandfather. My brother is serving him coffee.

In the second picture, there are three kids. One of them is shaking the dice. There is a board game on the table. It could be Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders.

A possible description: We are playing Monopoly. It is Tina’s turn.

OR We are playing Snakes and Ladders. Tina is going to roll the dice.

In the third picture, it seems that the family is at the zoo. They are feeding carrots to the giraffe.

Description: I went to the zoo. I saw giraffes.


I went to the zoo with my family. We saw big giraffes and fed them carrots.



picture comprehension worksheet for kindergarten and grade1

describe the picture


First picture: mom and laundry

That is my mom. She is going to do the laundry.

Second picture: jump rope, skip, and happy.

Tim and Sim are friends. They like to skip.

Third picture: Tom and bob are two boys. They like to play with clay.


picture comprehension worksheet for kindergarten and grade1

describe the picture



  1. That is my naughty sister. She is tickling me with a feather.
  2. We are playing a game of ring toss. It is fun.
  3. It is a rainy day. We are jumping in puddles.


FREE picture comprehension worksheet for kindergarten and grade1

describe the picture


  1. My dog, Murphy is sick. He is resting.
  2. Mom likes craftwork. She made paper dolls.
  3. My grandfather is sick. Mom is reading the news to him.

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