CVC words sentences PDF

CVC words sentences PDF

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So, our kindergarteners are not taking a keen interest in reading! Well, I have been there. Kids are sometimes reluctant to read. The progression from reading words to reading sentences can especially be a challenge sometimes.

This challenge led me to create this very interesting activity. Not only will your little one want to read sentences, but she will also want to read more than a few. The PDF file that I will be sharing today has 14 sentences with CVC words. Kids can try to begin reading these when they are comfortable reading CVC words and a few sight words.



See how simple it is! there are two sentence puzzles on each sheet. Cut the strips of the first puzzle along the dotted lines. Now hand over the strips to the kids. The kids have to create the picture and read the sentence based upon that picture. You can also have the kids write the sentence if you want to. This activity encourages children to read sentences.

The cat is on the mat.

The pig is in the mud.


cvc words sentences to read for kindergarten and class 1


We can tell the children the basic punctuation rules too. Sentences begin with a capital letter. Basic sentences end with a full stop.


make a sentence worksheets for kindergarten



You can also try the above CVC sentences worksheets after trying this pack. The sentences are short and simple. Click on the image above to download the PDF file.


cut and paste cvc words sentences for kindergarten and class 1



It is a big bus.

The fish has fins.



cvc words activity for kindergarten and class 1


The red top spins.

That is a peg.


kindergarten sentences worksheets for emergent readers



The above PDF can also be used with kindergarteners to read sentences with CVC words. Repetition of sight words helps in learning it.




build cvc words sentences for kindergarten and class 1



It is a big sub.

The van is pink.


I would like to recommend a book,’Bob Bug and other stories’ by Julia Donaldson. This book includes 12 stories focusing on CVC words. The illustrations are colorful.

The titles are:

Top Cat

Sam’s Pot

Bob Bug

Dig Dig Dig!

Zak and The Vet

Mum Bug’s Bag

Cat Naps

Pen Fun

The Big Cod

The Pins And The Pegs

Is it?

Mix Mix Mix!

Just reading the titles you will know that the focus is three-letter decodable words.





I will eat the figs.

The pan has a lid.


form cvc words sentences for kindergarten and class 1



A duck is in the tub.

We will go in the cab.


secret sentences worksheet for preschool and kindergarten



This is another sentence worksheet that you can practice with your kindergarten kids. In fact, even preschoolers can attempt it. All they need to know are beginning sounds.



cvc sentences pdf for kindergarten and class 1



The ax chops the log

The frog jumps.



cvc words sentences pdf for kindergarten and class 1



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