CVC word sort worksheets

CVC word sort worksheets

The phonics word family is an important step towards blending. These word families provide our emergent readers with a predictable pattern in an otherwise confusing language. These patterns can be recognized by the child thus making the process of blending easier for our readers. These patterns also make the child a quick, smart, and fluent reader. Today, I will be sharing Pack 1 of  ‘CVC word sort’ worksheets with you.



word family at am worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

The above ‘CVC word sort’ worksheet is for short vowel a word family – ‘at’ and ‘am.’ Cut the word tiles, read the words, and sort them based on their word family. Then stick the word tiles in the correct box.

If you are looking to practice reading simple word family sentences, do check my Phonics reading Pack. These worksheets will give our kindergarteners reading as well as writing practice.



CVC word sort family worksheet for preschool and kindergarten


The next ‘CVC word sort’ worksheet is for word family ‘et’ and ‘en.’ In order to comfortably sort the word tiles, the children can also highlight the ‘et’ and ‘en’ in the tiles in different colors.

I have a great pack to practice short vowel e word family which includes building the word and also writing it.


short i word family worksheet for preschool and kindergarten


You can try reading the CVC words list with your children after these activity worksheets.


short vowel o words worksheet for kindergarten


Words from the same word family are also rhyming words.

For example – hob, knob, blob, cob, bob, sob, gob, job, mob, rob etc. are rhyming words. Also, they belong to the same word family -ob.

Do try my rhyming words worksheets pack with these worksheets so children can have a better understanding. There is no writing involved so it’s perfect for children who are not comfortable writing yet.


CVc word sort for word family ug ub for preschool and kindergarten

The last ‘CVC word sort’ worksheet is for short vowel u word family – ug and ub. These word family worksheets will also help in expanding your little one’s vocabulary. 

Understanding word families is nothing more than understanding patterns. Understanding patterns enables fluency. Children are not required to sound out each individual letter but instead be able to recognize the pattern quickly.

These ‘CVC word sort’ worksheets are free for subscribers to download.