word scramble printables

word scramble printables

Word scrambles are useful educational tools. They are challenging as they test a child’s problem-solving skills and make children better spellers. Three letter words or CVC words are the foundation of becoming a good reader and writer. It is what introduces the children to the world of blending and segmenting sounds and understanding patterns in words. Let’s discuss the word scramble worksheets with CVC words.


CVC word scramble printables for kids

The word scramble worksheets are supported with pictures. These worksheets are ideal for introducing unscrambling words activity to kindergarten. I have covered words with all the short vowel sounds.


unscramble the words printables for kids

These word scramble worksheets will help children understand word construction and also word patterns. I have tried this activity with children in my class and it has made them better spellers.


CVC word scramble worksheets for kids

You can also try the CVC words and sentences dictation pack after practicing these unscrambling words worksheets.


rearrange the letters to form CVC words worksheets for kids

The words for the above worksheet are jam, bot, jet, top, tub, dig, tub, and bag.


three letter unscramble words worksheet for kids

The last word scramble worksheet for CVC words will be slightly challenging for kids as there are no pictures next to the words. The children have to unscramble the letters to form a word and then match it with the picture. The words are cap, pin, cat, wet, cop, pot, gun, and jug.


word scramble for CVC words worksheets t

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