CVC sentences to read

CVC sentences to read

CVC words are the foundation of becoming a good reader and writer. Three letter words introduce the children to the world of blending and segmenting sounds and understanding patterns in words. From reading three letter words, we move on to reading CVC sentences.

What are CVC words?

CVC – Consonant Vowel Consonant

Some examples of CVC words are bat, set, fit, bot, cut, etc. Most CVC words have a short vowel sound in them.



CVC sentences to read for kindergarten



We begin with beginning sounds for letters and then move on to blending those sounds. Word families for short vowel words are introduced and once the children are comfortable with blending, we can introduce sight words and have them read CVC sentences. Repetition of sight words will help the children remember them.

In the above CVC sentences worksheet, the child will be able to read CVC words in the form of sentences. This worksheet will introduce the child to three sight words – I, a and see.



CVC pictures with sentences for emergent readers



The child will get an idea about sentence formation. A simple sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. I find these worksheets very helpful and I practice these with children once they start reading CVC words. It is a good way to introduce sight words. In the above worksheet, the child will be introduced to three sight words – I, a and see. Read the sentence and color the correct picture.



CVC sentences for kindergarten and beginner readers


The next ‘CVC sentences’ worksheet covers the sight words this, is, and my. There are 8 sentences with the same sight words and a different three-letter word. I have also had my preschoolers try these worksheets when they began reading CVC words.



secret sentences worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Write the secret short vowel sentence


If you are looking for simpler sentence worksheets, try the ‘secret sentence’ worksheets. The children will be able to practice beginning sounds, blend CVC words, and learn new sight words with these breaking the code worksheets. Click on the worksheet above to download the set of 5 secret sentences worksheets.



kindergarten sentences worksheets for emergent readers


In the last CVC sentences worksheet, the child is introduced to sight words– that, is and, my. Read the sentence and color or circle the correct picture.

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