conjunction worksheets for kids

conjunction worksheets for kids

A conjunction is a word used to join or connect words, sentences, phrases, or clauses together.

Conjunctions allow you to combine words, phrases, and clauses to form complex and elegant sentences. It helps avoid writing multiple short sentences which restrict the flow.


  • I told her to leave, for I was feeling sick.
  • I will have soup and a slice of garlic bread.
  • I want to go out and play, but I haven’t finished my homework.
  • I will buy this dress in yellow or orange color.
  • I am studying because I have a test tomorrow.
  • You can join me if you finish your work on time.
  • I was feeling sick, so I took some medicines.

In this post, we shall be covering five coordinating conjunctions – because so but or and.

Do try Pack 1 of conjunction worksheets which covers the conjunctions ‘so but and.’ It will be easier, simpler, and apt to introduce conjunctions.

What are coordinating conjunctions?

Coordinating conjunctions join together words, phrases, and independent clauses. They work as a glue to help us join short and choppy sentences into fuller lines. The most common coordinating conjunctions are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. They can be remembered by using the mnemonic device FANBOYS.

  • For

  • And

  • Nor

  • But

  • Or

  • Yet

  • So


because or but so and conjunctions for kids



There are 24 conjunction task cards. Each card has 2 sentences. Use one of the conjunction, ‘because or so and but’ to combine both the sentences and form a logical sentence.



and but so because conjunction worksheet for kids


Each sentence comes with 3 options to connect the word. These conjunctions will teach kids how to form longer and more meaningful and informational sentences.



conjunction sentences for first grade


I like popcorn but my sister likes fries.

Would you like to read a book or play cards?

I overslept because I stayed up late.

He was ill so I took him to the doctor.


but and or conjunction sentences for kids



There are 6 cards on the 4 letter paper sheets.  That makes a total of 24 sentences that have to be combined. You will need to print these sheets and cut them into cards. Print these picture cards on card stock and laminate them for durability.




Combine the sentences and record them in the sheet above. The answers have been provided on a separate sheet.


conjunction worksheet for first grade and second grade



In the last worksheet, complete the sentences using one of the conjunction, ‘because or so and but.’ The answers have been provided in a separate sheet.

I usually cover this pack over a period of 5 days. We practice and record sentences for 6 task cards every day for the first four days and on the fifth day we practice all the conjunction words ‘and but so or because’ together in the above worksheet.



and but or so because conjunction worksheets for kids


This ‘conjunction worksheets’ Pack is free for subscribers to download.