Common Nouns Pack 3

Common Nouns Pack 3

A common noun names a person, place, animal, or thing that is not specific. It is not the actual NAMES of people, places, animals or things.

Common noun does not begin with a capital letter unless it is the first word in a sentence. For example, Mom is going to the shop. Here, mom is a common noun but it begins with a capital letter because it is the first word of the sentence.

Common nouns are named as such because they help in differentiating with proper nouns which we will discuss later. For free proper noun worksheets, go here.

Before attempting this ‘common noun’ pack, try Pack 1 of Nouns.

Today, I will be sharing a grammar resource with you. Let me discuss the worksheets with you so that you can do it with your child.


common nouns picture sort coloring worksheet for first grade and second grade


The first worksheet is about sorting the noun pictures under person, place, animal, and thing. Those under person are colored blue. The pink color is for images that fall under place like supermarkets, igloo, etc.  Things like bag, grapes, and dress will be colored red and the last category which is animals will be colored in green.


common nouns picture sort cut and paste worksheet for first grade and second grade

The next worksheet is a picture sort, cut and paste worksheet. Cut the picture tiles and paste them under person, place, animal and thing.


common nouns sentences worksheet for first grade and second grade

The next worksheet is divided into two parts. First, circle the seven nouns. Then, using those nouns, complete the sentences.


noun worksheet for first grade and second grade

In the next word puzzle worksheet read the words and pick another word from the word bank which relates the best to the 3 given words.

Example: apple  banana  melon

We know these names belong to the fruit family so look for fruit in the word bank.

It’s mango!


noun story worksheet for first grade and second grade

Read the story and then complete the sentences using nouns with the help of pictures. Then, circle the nouns in the story other than the ones you filled in.

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