Collective Nouns Pack 2

Collective Nouns Pack 2

A collective noun is a word used to represent a group of people, places, animals, or things. Words like crowd, mob, archipelago,  cluster, herd, flock, etc. are some examples of these nouns. These nouns can be singular in form even though they refer to a group of things.

Example: There is a troop of monkeys on that tree. Here a troop of monkeys is being referred to as singular since it is a single troop we are referring to.

Groups of people – band, choir, army, mob, crowd, audience, etc.

Groups of animals – swarm, herd, flock, colony, leap, memory, tower, dazzle, etc.

Groups of things – bunch, bundle, chest, string, etc.

Before trying these worksheets, I suggest you try Pack 1 of collective nouns.


collective nouns list pdf

The above list is an interesting collective nouns list. It is a mix of nouns for people, animals, and things. I print this list for each child in the class and we read it together before moving on to the worksheets.


collective noun chart

My blog has a pack of collective nouns anchor chart and task cards with collective nouns sentences.


collective noun exercises

The task cards will teach children how to use collective nouns in sentences.


collective nouns worksheet with pictures for class 4 and class 3

The first worksheet is an interesting one where children need to complete the phrases by adding the collective noun to the noun it refers to. Pictures have also been provided. You can have the children match the pictures with its phrase and color them.


collective nouns worksheets for class 4 and class 3

Circle the collective nouns in the first exercise of the worksheet. The second exercise in the above worksheet has the common nouns with a bunch of scrambled letters that can be unscrambled to form the collective noun. Unscramble the word and write the collective noun. This unscrambling exercise tests children’s problem-solving skills and makes them better spellers.


collective nouns sentences worksheets for class 4 and class 3

In the last of the worksheets, we use collective nouns in the word bank to complete the sentences.

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