Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns

A collective noun is a word used to represent a group of people, places, animals, or things. Let’s take a few collective noun examples.

We stopped to see a number of leopards chasing a deer.


We stopped to see a leap of leopards chasing a deer.

Here, we used the collective noun for leopards which is leap.


The two countries are separated by many mountains.


The two countries are separated by a range of mountains.


I have so many keys to my home.


I have a bunch of keys for my home.

Here, we used the collective noun for keys which is bunch. The collective noun for grapes and bananas is also bunch.

An important collective noun, ‘herd’ is used for a variety of animals.

a herd of buffaloes

a herd of cows

a herd of elephants

a herd of cranes

a herd of donkeys

a herd of swans

a herd of whales

a herd of wolves

a herd of pigs

a herd of horses

a herd of goats

a herd of giraffes

Please note that it is quite common for a group of animals to be classified under more than one collective noun.

a herd of elephants or memory of elephants

a flock of crows or a murder of crows

a herd of donkeys or a drove of donkeys


To read more about nouns and download free worksheets and activities, check this space.


collective noun chart

Above is the anchor chart for collective nouns which you can download by clicking on the chart. I have another Pack of Collective Nouns list with pictures and worksheets on my website. Do check it.


collective noun images

a bunch of grapes

a swarm of bees

a flight of stairs

a bouquet of flowers

There are 4 collective noun task cards on each of the 9 sheets. That makes it 36 cards in all. All the collective noun examples cards are supported with pictures.

You will need to print these sheets and cut them into cards. Print these picture cards on card stock and laminate them for durability.

collective nouns for things

a pod of dolphins

a bowl of rice

a string of beads

a crash of rhinos

collective nouns for fish

a school of fish

a murder of crows

an army of soldiers

a clutch of eggs

I have used sentences so that children understand how to use collective nouns in sentences.


collective noun sentences

a litter of kittens

a bunch of bananas

a troop of monkeys

a chest of drawers


collective nouns for animals

a galaxy of stars

a cluster of coconuts

a litter of puppies

a tower of giraffes


collective nouns pictures

a crowd of people

a dazzle of zebras

a colony of ants

a memory of elephants



collective nouns list

a forest of trees

a pack of wolves

a bar of chocolate

a pride of lions




collective noun pictures

a batch of bread

a herd of sheep or a flock of sheep

a deck of cards

a pile of books

For lessons and free worksheets for proper nouns, common nouns, and plural nouns, check this space.


collective nouns exercises

a bundle of newspapers

a leap of leopards

a flock of birds

a bundle of sticks

I have included common and interesting collective noun examples that can be used in day to day life. These task cards, if laminated, can last you a long time and are perfect for classrooms.


collective noun exercises

This ‘collective noun examples‘ pack is a subscriber freebie.