ch ch ch– digraph ‘ch’ pack I

ch ch ch– digraph ‘ch’ pack I

What are consonant digraphs?

Consonants are all letters in the alphabet apart from the vowels a, e, i, o, and u.

b c d f g h j k l m n p q r s t v w x y z are consonants

A digraph is two letters that make just one sound.

A consonant digraph is two adjacent consonants that produce one speech sound. They are not blends.

c and h are two consonants that come together to form a new sound, the /ch/ sound. I usually tell children that when ‘c’ and ‘h’ come together, they form a new sound, /ch/. It is the sound that a moving train makes (choo-choo). We make this sound when we sneeze (a-choo!). It is a good way to introduce this digraph to kids.



read digraph ch words and color them. ch word bank

read digraph ch words



The first is a read and color worksheet. You will read words that begin with /ch/. The /ch/ words are in a large font and can be colored. I would suggest coloring only /ch/ sound in each word so that the child understands that these two words are read together.



Spell the ch words by sticking the word tiles

digraph ch spell the word activity

The next worksheet is one of my favorites. Cut the letter tiles and spell the word by sticking the tiles. Children love to stick and these worksheets are especially helpful when two letters come together to form a sound. The child has to say ‘ch’ and then form the sound and then stick it. It is a great activity before they begin writing the ch words.



Free read the ch sound words and paste the ch words.

digraph ch read and paste


Read the ch words, color the picture tiles, cut the picture tiles, and paste them under the right word.


Free read the ch sound word bank and write the ch words.

write digraph ch words


Read the sound ‘ch’ word bank and write the words under the pictures, color the pictures.


Free read the nch sound word bank and color the nch words.

read nch words


Now comes the ‘nch’ sound. This can be slightly more confusing for kids than ‘ch’. When writing ‘nch’ most kids forget to add the ‘n’ to ‘ch’ and write it as ‘ch’ only. I thought it will be a good idea to introduce this sound separately to make it less confusing for children.


Free read the nch sound word bank and paste the nch words.

paste nch words


Read the words ending in ch and paste the pictures.




ch digraph words match worksheet for kindergarten and preschool and first grade



Match the sound ‘ch’ and ‘nch’ words to the pictures.


Read the ch and nch sound words and sort them in the correct boxes

sort the ch and nch sound words


Cut the ‘ch’ and ‘nch’ word tiles and then sort the words in the correct box. A good activity to understand the difference between ‘ch’ and ‘nch’. When learners are confused, I make them highlight the ‘ch’ and nch sound and then read the word.



Build digraph ch sentences worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Build digraph ch sentences



This worksheet has ‘ch’ and ‘nch’ words in sentences. The sentences are jumbled up. Our learners have to unscramble these simple sentences and write them in the space provided. Please tell them that ‘sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period.’ It will introduce punctuation and make unscrambling easier.


make the ch words and paste them in your notebook

make the ch words


Make the ch words by joining the strips and paste them in the notebook. Cut along the lines. you will get 6 words along with pictures. Now, cut along the dotted lines. Give your child 3 strips for the first word e.g. chop. Let the child form the picture and read the word. stick the word in the notebook and form a simple sentence with a word and write it e.g. Dad chops the log.

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I hope you find this Pack useful.