Beginning sounds pictures activity-  Clip Cards

Beginning sounds pictures activity- Clip Cards

If your little learners have begun to understand beginning sounds, grab these animal clip cards! These beginning sounds pictures of birds and animals will surely help them understand the beginning sounds better and also add words to their vocabulary.

If you are looking for beginning sounds worksheets, check this space. You will find 100’s of free alphabet sound worksheets.


beginning sounds cards game for preschool and kindergarten


These beginning sound pictures cards are a great resource for preschool and kindergarten to identify beginning sounds.


beginning sounds animal cards game for preschool and kindergarten

This activity is sure to make learning beginning sounds a hands-on experience. It helps with children’s fine motor skills too.


beginning sounds animal game for preschool and kindergarten


Understanding the beginning sounds is the first step towards reading. So. let’s do it right and make sure our kids have fun along the way.

beginning sounds pictures animal clip cards activity for preschool and kindergarten

Beginning sounds clip cards

This beginning sounds pictures activity has 30 animal clip cards from a-z and also includes digraph ch sh th.


beginning sound pictures and digraph game for preschool and kindergarten

You will need to print these five sheets and cut them into clip cards. Print these clip cards on card stock.

  • Print off the clip it cards and cut them.
  • Look at the pictures with your little learners discussing the names of the animals, what they eat, how many legs they have etc.
  • Ask them to say the name of the animal out loud. Now ask them to concentrate on the first sound by stretching it out. Can they stretch out the sound and separate it from the rest of the word?
  • Ask them to say the three different sounds that are under the picture and decide which one matches the picture.
  • Clip the beginning sound. Answers have been provided in the pack. Pair them with some cute clips like these.
  • Parent supervision is necessary for such activities.


beginning sound pictures animal clip cards activity for preschool and kindergarten

beginning sounds pictures animal clipcards


This beginning sounds pictures pack a subscriber freebie.


I am sharing another pack for animals with you.


free animals chart for preschool


These animal charts are a great way for preschoolers and kindergarteners to increase their vocabulary for animals. These charts can be used as a wall display.


free preschool resources for animals and vocabulary building


I have also prepared similar charts for vegetables. Kids love these colorful charts. Stick them around the class where children can see them.


preschool printables for vocabulary building for animals


You can first discuss these animal charts and the beginning sounds of animals and then try the beginning sounds pictures ClipCards activity.

These animal charts are free for subscribers to download.