beginning sounds activities for preschoolers

beginning sounds activities for preschoolers

Children are always learning and I have created these beginning sounds activities for our little preschoolers so they can understand beginning sounds in a fun manner. This is the first activity that we do in our classroom when learning beginning sounds.



I have prepared the above printable activities to introduce beginning sounds and my preschoolers absolutely love it

Children begin identifying things with the help of pictures. A sheet with uppercase and lowercase ‘a’ is given to the child. Along with that are pictures that begin with the sound a. First, let the child trace the letter and its sound using her fingers.

Then put some glue inside the printed Aa and let the children stick the pictures after identifying them.


To download ‘what begins with Bb’ printable, click here.

To download ‘what begins with Cc’ printable, click here.



preschool activity printables for phonics sound a

Say what is on the picture and stick it. A is for apple, ant, alligator, apricot, ambulance, alphabet, asparagus, antelope, arrow, axe, anchor etc.

You can try these phonics sound worksheets after this activity.


beginning sounds activities for preschoolers for sound p

Pp is for park, pig, peacock, parrot, pool, pear, papaya, pillow, pineapple, pen, peppers, pin, pencil, etc.

After this activity for phonics sound p, you can try the ‘My book about p’ printable which I have made for preschoolers.



For each phonics sound, there are 2 sheets. The first sheet had the letter and its sound printed on it.


S is for a sandwich, soap, superman, spiderman, swing, slide, sun, star, six, seven, snail, swim, snake, snowman, strawberry, spoon, salt etc.

In the second sheet, there are pictures beginning with that sound and the names of the pictures are also given. You will notice that there are a lot of pictures. Please do save the ones that are leftover since we will be using it for another activity to discriminate between sounds.




preschool activity printables for beginning sound t


You can also complement this activity with this set of beginning sounds worksheets.

The above printable is for phonics sound t. Tt is for tomato, toothbrush, toothpaste, turkey, tree, table, tennis, train, truck, tractor, telephone, top, turtle, tent, etc.


jolly phonics beginning sounds worksheet


The remaining pictures can be used for discriminating among sounds. I  will be sharing printables like the one above in this post. You can use these for any sound and any number of sounds. You just have to write the names of the sounds, put glue, and have the child stick pictures based on their beginning sounds. You can find these printables here.


beginning sounds activities for preschoolers for beginning sound s

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