Trace the beginning sound- Pack I

Trace the beginning sound- Pack I

Beginning sounds! We can never practice them enough with our little ones. In this post, I will be sharing ‘beginning sounds worksheets’ for kindergarten.

Being able to tell the different sounds apart in the oral language is referred to as sound discrimination. Hearing the first sound in words is the first aspect of sound discrimination and it is an important early literacy skill for children. It helps them pay attention to the sounds they hear and it aids them in learning letter sounds down the road.

If you have just started these sounds with your child I suggest you check my free ‘beginning sound a to z worksheets’ pack. 

Understanding sounds in words is important for developing readers and writers. When students have an understanding that words are made up of sounds, they are able to transfer this knowledge to their reading and writing.

In CVC words, there are three sounds. They are beginning middle and ending sounds. Of these, beginning sounds are the easiest to teach since it’s the first sound the child hears in a word. But they can also be confusing for a lot of kids. In my teaching career, I have come across a lot of children who tend to say the beginning and middle sounds together. They tend to treat it as one sound. Middle sounds which are vowels are always confusing for kids. Ending sounds do take longer to figure out than beginning sounds.

Let’s discuss the ‘beginning sounds worksheets’ Pack.


beginning sounds worksheets for kindergarten and preschool

This pack consists of five beginning sounds worksheets where the kids have to identify the beginning sounds of the pictures.


beginning sounds worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

In the above beginning sounds worksheet for kindergarten, there are two options provided and kids have to trace the correct option. I find these worksheets very useful since they provide writing practice too.

Also, it provides lots of coloring opportunities for our little artists.


beginning sounds worksheets for nursery and kindergarten

I love it when kids take an interest in coloring their worksheets. Identifying small little things and then adding different colors to it. It’s a joy to watch them adding life to these objects.


beginning sounds worksheets pdf for kindergarten

I have covered most of the beginning sounds in this set. The answers have been provided in the pack.


beginning sounds worksheets free for kindergarten


The answers to the ‘beginning sounds worksheets’ pack are provided in the PDF file. If your child is not comfortable with writing or tracing or you are looking for simpler worksheets, you can check the free ‘Beginning sound match’ pack by clicking on the image below.


preschool worksheets for beginning sounds

Beginning sounds match a-z

This ‘beginning sounds worksheets’ also enhance children’s vocabulary by introducing them to many new words.

P.S. Always make the child practice writing his/her name on every sheet. You can make the dotted line and let the child trace it. It’s beneficial to make a habit of this early on.


free beginning sounds worksheets for kindergarten and preschool


This ‘beginning sounds worksheets‘ pack is a subscriber freebie.