b and d reversal worksheets Pack 1

b and d reversal worksheets Pack 1

The confusion between letters b and d is quite common in kids. This can be seen often in a child’s work. The child says ‘b’ but writes’ and vice versa. This is called mirror writing.

Mirror writing- We all have seen an ambulance on the road. Ever noticed that the word ‘ambulance’ is often written in a large mirrored text?

It is written backward so that drivers in the front can easily read it through their rearview mirror and give way to the ambulance.

I have met a lot of frustrated parents whose little ones form mirror images. Fret not! You should not really worry about it until it goes beyond the age of 7. Kids usually get it right by that age.

There are activities and worksheets to work on this particular issue which I will be sharing with you today

The most fun way is to assume that ‘b’ and’ are two kids.  ‘b’ has a belly so it’s in the front. ‘d’ wears a diaper so it goes the back.

b and d worksheets dyslexia

letter sort b and d

Letter sort activity helps the child discriminate between the two mirror images. Make the child understand the concept of b-belly and d-diaper. Then cut the letter tiles and allow the child to sort the tiles and paste them. Just make sure the child says the sound before sticking the tile.



b and d worksheets free for preschool and kindergarten

Write the beginning sound in the boxes below the pictures.

Answers:  dance bear dolphin

banana  butter door

dinosaur duster basket


b and d picture sort pdf for preschool and kindergarten

This is an interesting picture sort worksheet.

b- bag bus bee bed banana box

d- dice doll duck dog doughnut dress

Paste the pictures above the correct basket.


free letter reversal CVC words worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

In the above b and d worksheet, there is a picture and the child has to circle the correct word under the picture. All the CVC words have the ‘b or d’ sound in them. The sound can be in the beginning or in the end. The words are bud, mad, dog, tub, sad, sub, nib, bed, and box.



printable b and d worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Another pasting activity worksheet that my kids love to do. It is the word family worksheet where the child has to complete the word by pasting the correct word family. The words are bib, pod, bed, mob, web, lid, tab, pad, and cub.


lowercase b and d worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

In the last of the b and d worksheets of this pack, our little learners have to complete the CVC word by adding the ‘b’ or ‘d’ sound to it.

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