ar sound words flashcards

ar sound words flashcards

An r-controlled vowel is one that is immediately followed by the letter ‘r’ and which can no longer be pronounced as a long or short vowel.

When the letter r follows a vowel, the vowel is usually forced to change its sound. That is why it is also called the ‘BOSSY R.’

In this post, we will be discussing the ar sound.


When the ‘a’ is followed by r, it makes the sound you hear in the words ‘arm’, ‘bar‘, ‘hard’, ‘sharp or ‘tarp’.




These ‘ar sound words’ with pictures flashcards can also be used with dyslexic children to practice reading r-controlled words. These flashcards can add fun to your lessons. These flashcards can also be used when revisiting the sounds.



In this pack, there are  30 ar sound words flashcards. These ‘ar words with pictures’ are also a great way to enhance your child’s vocabulary.



There are 6 cards on each of the 5 A4 sheets. You will need to print these sheets and cut them into cards. Print these ar words with pictures flashcards on card stock and laminate them for durability. These flashcards can be used for a long time if they are laminated.



Just like short vowels and long vowel words are taught separately, R Controlled Vowels should also be taught separately and systematically.

Have the children read these ‘ar words‘ and record them in the sheet that has been provided in the pack.