alphabet playdough mats

alphabet playdough mats

I am always on the lookout for activities and games for preschoolers to teach them letters and their beginning sounds. Activities lead to engagement. I have created these playdough mats for the alphabet a to z. Instead of playdough, you can use other things too.


alphabet a playdough mat for preschool and kindergarten



The above mat is for letter and sound ‘a.’¬† These mats are in letter paper format. These mats can be printed and then laminated for durability. Children can also trace uppercase and lowercase ‘a’ with the help of dry-erase markers.



alphabet activity printable mats for preschool and kindergarten



Mat for playdoh sound ‘n.’ ‘n’ is for a newspaper. I have used newspaper squares instead of playdough for this activity.

‘n’ is for necklace

‘n’ is for nose

Children can trace uppercase and lowercase n.




alphabet activity playdough mat for preschool and kindergarten


We also tried this activity with playdough. Playing with playdough is amongst kids’ favorite fine motor activity. Rolling, pushing, pulling, smashing, and kneading the modeling clay supports the development of hand skills



If you are looking for books to teach or practice the alphabet, I highly recommend Dr. Seuss ABC. The illustrations are vivid and entertaining. You will love reading this with your child. The book is fun, short, and imaginative. The text is cute, silly, has a rhythm to it, and will definitely be memorable for kids. This book will also help in uppercase and lowercase letter recognition.




letter and sounds d activity mat for preschool and kindergarten



For letter and sound d, the children can put dots inside the bubble letters. I am quite pleased with how this resource has turned out and I believe it will be a good addition to your lessons.


preschool activity printables for phonics sound a



Above is another activity that I have designed for my little learners.

What begins with a?

Children can stick pictures that begin with Aa inside the bubble letters. It helps them understand the beginning sounds and also enhance their vocabulary. This activity also helps with letter recognition.



letter and sounds activity mat for preschool and kindergarten



The above playdough mat is for the alphabet Ii.

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