aeiou picture sort pack

aeiou picture sort pack

Short vowels and their sounds! So confusing for our little ones! These aeiou worksheets will help clear the confusion.

phonics sound ‘a’ and ‘e’ picture sort

Does your child gets confused between the ‘a’ and ‘e’ vowel sound when reading words?


short vowel worksheet for sound i and e

Or between ‘e’ and ‘i’ vowel sound when spelling words?

It is a common problem for our little readers and spellers. Most of us have tried teaching our little learners how vowel sounds are different and have often struggled. Children often, no, very often confuse vowels and there go the reading and the spelling!

In this post, I am sharing aeiou worksheets with you for beginning short vowel sounds. There are ten worksheets in this picture sort pack and the answers have been provided in the pack.


phonics sound ‘a’ and ‘i’ picture sort

There are two vowels in each worksheet and pictures begin with either of the vowel sounds. There are eight images for every worksheet and the little ones have to paste these images under the correct vowel based on their beginning sound.

phonics sound ‘o’ and ‘u’ picture sort

There is a short vowel ‘o’ and ‘u’ picture sort worksheet. I prefer the kids to color the images before sticking them. Colouring images after sticking can turn out to be messy and needs a waiting time of 1-2 hours which really is not possible with our little learners.


phonics sound ‘u’ and ‘e’ picture sort

Let the child patiently color and understand the images and then stick them under the correct short vowel sound.

phonics sound ‘a’ and ‘u’ picture sort

When a child does not know the sounds that vowel makes, it is difficult for them to decode the word so it impacts reading. When children are not able to discriminate between vowel sounds, it impacts encoding and therefore spellings.

I know how frustrating it can be.

So, it is important that the children master the short vowel sounds when learning beginning sounds.


phonics sound ‘a’ and ‘o’ picture sort



phonics sound ‘o’ and ‘i’ picture sort

phonics sound ‘o’ and ‘e’ picture sort


phonics sound ‘u’ and ‘i’ picture sort

I have tried to make most vowel combinations for short vowels so that it is enough for the kids to practice.

These aeiou worksheets are a subscriber freebie.

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There is another resource that I would like to share here. You can download this cue card by clicking on the image below. One sheet gives you four cue cards.


Short vowel aeiou cue card

These cue cards are a must-have in my class. I print them out on card stock so they are sturdy and last longer. Whenever our little readers are confused between vowel sounds, they can just refer to the beginning sounds of these pictures and the vowels. It aids self-check.