adjectives exercises

adjectives exercises

Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns.

Example: I threw the rotten apple in the empty bin.

The nouns are apple and bin. ‘rotten’ describes the apple and ’empty’ describes the bin. Rotten and apple are both adjectives. The verb is ‘threw.’ You will notice how these two words have added depth to the sentence and made us visualize it.


adjective meaning and examples for first grade and second grade


The above anchor chart describes adjectives with examples. I have discussed adjectives in detail on my blog. 

I will be sharing Pack 3 of adjectives exercises in this post. Make sure to attempt Adjectives Pack 1 and Adjectives Part 2 before moving on to Pack 3. The ‘adjectives exercises’ are interesting and varied.  I have also included synonyms and antonyms.


adjectives and nouns worksheet for first and second grade

The first among the adjectives exercises focuses on number adjectives. You have to add a number from the word box to describe each noun and complete the sentence. Each sentence can have only one answer.

There are seven days in a week.

A bicycle has two wheels.


this that these those pointing adjective worksheet for second and third grade

Pointing adjectives are also called demonstrative adjectives. Pointing adjectives, ‘this that these those’ which may also be pronouns, tell us where an object is located and how many objects there are.

This and that are used when we are pointing to one object. This points to something that is close to us and that points to something that is far from us.

This pen is yours.

That pen is mine.

These are those that are used when we point to more that one object. These are used to point to something close to us and those points to things that are far from us.

These crayons are mine.

Those children in the other room have been yelling.


possessive adjectives his her its whose their our worksheet for second and third grade

The next is a simple possessive adjectives worksheet. Possessive adjectives are used to show ownership.

This is his bag.

It is my bottle.

Whose car is parked in the driveway?

In the above worksheet, a sentence can have more than one answer.


add an adjective to the noun worksheet for second and third grade

The above adjectives and nouns worksheet will help a child think of words to describe something. I have nouns, verbs and adjectives sorting games for children on my website. Do check it. It is a good way to learn discriminating among ‘nouns verbs adjectives’ and also build vocabulary.


adjectives and nouns worksheet for second and third grade

I encourage children to use more than colors and numbers to describe a noun. Please make sure you do that. Children tend to stick to colors and numbers since they are easier.


add adjectives to the noun to complete the sentences worksheet for second and third grade

The last ‘adjectives and nouns’ worksheet will be interesting as well as challenging for our learners.

After this ‘adjectives exercises’ pack, you can try ‘describe the picture’ pack with your children. It will be a step towards picture composition.


adjectives worksheets including number adjectives, possessive adjectives and pointing adjectives worksheets for second grade and third grade

This ‘adjectives exercises’ Pack is free for subscribers to download.