Introduction to Verbs or Action words – 1st Grade

Introduction to Verbs or Action words – 1st Grade

A verb is a word that expresses an action.

Verbs are also called doing words or action words.


You can download the Verb anchor chart by clicking on the image below.

action verbs examples for first grade


Doing verbs are words that express a concrete action. They are commonly used in spoken language.

Example: run sit eat sleep hop

Saying verbs express a spoken action.

Example: yell talk mumble said

Then there are words that do not express a concrete action but express actions that happen mentally. Words that express ideas, feelings, thoughts or attitudes are called thinking or feeling verbs.

Example: I understand your problem.

I believe you.

I guess you are right.

I shall consider your proposal.

I think people should recycle.

I see the ice cream truck.

Some verbs tell us about what things are and what they have. They are common in all kinds of descriptions and are called being or having verbs.

Example: They are home.

Bob is a shopkeeper.

I have a pen.

A verb is a key around which a sentence is built. Children have to be taught to choose expressive verbs when speaking or writing.

A good way to teach children about action words is to demonstrate it.

Example: I can eat.

I can hop.

I can run.

I can jump.

I can crawl.

Perform these actions in class with the children and they will understand better.

Another way you can teach children would be by giving them a naming word and ask them to add their actions to it.

Example: Dog-  bark eat drool play

A baby-  burp cry sleep smile crawl

Last week, I took the children in my class to the park and asked them to hunt for action words and they really enjoyed it. I began by asking questions.

What is the girl in the pink dress doing?

She is running.

What is her mom doing?

Her mom is watching her.

What are the butterflies doing?

Sitting on the flower

The butterfly is flying.

I have prepared a pack for verbs which is ideal when they are being introduced. You can download it from my website by clicking on the pack below.

action verbs

Verbs Pack 1