a to z alphabet chart activity

a to z alphabet chart activity

I have created this ‘abc alphabet chart activity’ for letters a to z in order to revisit beginning sounds and letters with kids.



Print out the chart on a thick sheet or card stock. Do the same for the pictures. I have created two sets of pictures for extra practice. There are 2 pictures for each letter and sound. The names of the pictures are provided in the PDF file.



alphabet a to z chart activity for preschool and kindergarten


You can help the child a little when doing it the first time. It can be an independent activity for the next set of pictures.

I have used hook and loop dots for this activity.



Stick the hooks on the sheets and loops and the picture tiles or vice versa and then let your child have a go at it. For newbies, I like to do it row-wise. You can choose to give them 6 pictures at a time and have them concentrate on a single row. Give the child pictures for ‘a b c d e f’ and ask them to concentrate on the first row. Once the child is confident, you can layout all these pictures and the child can pick a picture, recognize its beginning sound, and put it under the correct letter and sound.



a to z alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten



If you are looking to practice uppercase and lowercase letters along with beginning sounds, I suggest the above activity. You can download it by clicking on the above image.

I would like to recommend a book that will perfectly with this ‘abc alphabet chart.’ It is the ‘ABC Alphabet book’ by Dr. Seuss. It will help children understand big and little letters and also their beginning sounds with the help of Dr. Seuss’s silly, rhythmic, captivating text.



Aa -Aunt Allie’s Alligator

Bb – Barber Baby Bubbles and a Bumblebee

Yy – A yawning yellow yak. Young Yolanda Yorgenson is yelling on his back.

This book is a must-read for every child in preschool and kindergarten. You too will enjoy reading this book with kids.


abc alphabet chart activity for preschool and kindergarten

Click on the above chart to download the free PDF file for this abc activity.


tracing letters and alphabet for preschool and kindergarten



You can also download the a to z tracing printable in both uppercase and lowercase letters by clicking on the above image.

I hope you find these resources useful.